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Robot Framework as Web Service

Our favorite task- and test automation is typically launched on command line. That means you require and actor who launches this robot suite, typically a cronjob. But in a microservice architecture, you require a service oriented angle providing an interface that lets robot task be triggered with a service call. And that’s what robotframework-webservice is for.

robotframework-webservice is a python service that launches any robot suite it has access to. Typical for fastapi based applications, it is equipped with an openapi specifiation and swagger-ui. Since robotframework-webservice is in Beta, the endpoints are likely to change until final version 1.0.

Swagger-UI for robtframework-webservice endpoints
Available endpoints in robotframework-webservice

For usage, simply install:

pip install robotframework-webservice

Afterwards you can launch the webservice like this and pass on the path to your folder containing robot suites:

python -m RobotFrameworkService.main -p 5003 -t path_to_my_taskfolder

Afterwards you can run any test case or task that is listed in a robot suite within your task folder. You simply call the endpoint:


With robotframework-webservice, you can offer robot task as a service. We at Deutsche Post Adress will need it for scaling robot tasks in cloud environments.

If you have any comments, wishes or at best, want to contribute, please open an issue at github:

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